Questions Doubts on Dental Photography

Questions Doubts on Dental Photography – Dental Photography School

We at Dental Photography School get a lot of questions every day … all on dental photography and related topics.

A small note on how we came up with Questions Doubts on Dental Photography:

Today after retiring from work one of our followers and a post graduate students Dr. Vishwas Madaan from MGM dental college, Navi Mumbai asked us a unique doubt which we usually do not expect a beginner to ask us. (Yes we do have an encyclopedia of commonly asked questions already 🙂 

We did (hopefully) answer the question to his utmost satisfaction but what we realized at that time was there needs to be a forum a platform for all dentists to ask all their questions freely without any hindrance or mental block. We need to bridge the gap between knowledge seekers and knowledge givers.

This is the reason we came up with this NEW concept of Ask The Expert in Dental Photography.

You can ask us anything related to dental photography along with specific details like:

  1. Equipment used.
  2. Technique followed.
  3. The problem involved or any doubt.
  4. Your Personal details like Full Name, Phone number ( NO We wont share it with anyone else) your permanent address and a small image of yours so that people can relate to you as we might put your question along with your details on our website.

We shall get back to you for sure in 50 – 100 hours and answer your query.

This will mutually help us in ways more than 1 like:

  1. It will help others read your doubts and read the answers.
  2. Repeated questions will be less or nullified.
  3. We will have one on one interaction.
  4. It will lead to greater awareness in dental photography among the dental/ medical community.

SO what are you waiting for…

Ask the expert you dental photography doubt
Click here to ask the expert your doubts on dental photography

A note to our dear followers:

NO DOUBT IS BIG OR SMALL / STUPID OR SILLY. In fact your doubt might be the doubt that many more people have. So KEEP CALM ask your doubt and do some GOOD KARMA 🙂

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