About Dental photography School

Trademark logo of dental photography school
Trademark logo of dental photography school

Dental Photography School was established in November 2012 with only 1 aim: To encourage the use of DSLR photography in dentistry.

For this reason DPS has worked extremely hard by writing blogs, conducting 1 day/3 days hands-on courses for dentists across the globe in association with leading camera manufacturing companies, reaching out to the dental students in dental colleges and hospitals, conducting FREE orientation courses and conducting free one day sessions for dentists.

It has been a hard time (due to the fact that dental photography and documentation is highly underestimated)  since the inception but DPS hopes that values and knowledge of dental photography will spread among the new age dentists like a wildfire because dental photography is extremely important for the growth of a dentist as a clinician and a ladder to his/her success.

About Dental Photography School

Long before it was officially launched in the year 2013 Dr. Mayur Davda the founder of Dental Photography School started training his colleagues and dental students about dental photography in his private clinic in Mumbai.About dental photography school it would be apt to say that in a short span of time it has achieved tremendous response from its peers

With a collective experience of more than 7 years in teaching general photography,macro photography,wildlife photography and dental photography Dental Photography School was officially launched in February 2013.

As a tool dental photography today has more than 50 applications in dentistry.

The main AIM of the institute is to encourage each and every dental professional be it a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist or a dental ceramist to take up dental photography in daily practice.

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Dr. Mayur Davda – Founder and President Dental Photography School

“Since the time I purchased my first DSLR I was completely amazed by the potential that this tool had to offer.

Honestly it is the dental professionals best friend and the biggest critic because Dental Macro Photography can reveal even the minutest mistakes present in any situation … hence it is up to a dentist to take it up constructively and practice it daily, to improve upon one’s own work like I do, each and every day of my practice.

Who has not committed mistakes? All of us have.Dental Photography very vividly opens up a scope of improvement for us at each and every step. To be honest it is the BEST teacher i ever had … simple, honest, consistent and up to the point.

I do not know of any other branch of dentistry that has more than 50 applications.

Yes dental photography is probably the ONLY branch that I know of which can influence every branch of dentistry that too radically !

Diagnosis, Follow ups, Documentation, Medico- legal, Self Analysis, Self improvement, Aesthetic Dentistry, Smile Design, Photography for Shade taking, Photography for training our dental staff, Publications, Thesis work …are just a few handful uses and the list can go on and on!

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I would also want to specify here that Dental Photography is INEXPENSIVE.

We have seen a revolution in mobile phone and tablet technology and the device can cost upto $ 300 – $ 1000 or probably even more! Moreover withing a year a newer more powerful device comes up in the market which makes our purchase feel as if it were stone age technology and we jump to buy new mobile devices every 1 or 2 years.

Compare this with buying a DSLR 

A good entry level DSLR which can hugely impact your dental profession is not more than $ 500 and it is a LIFE TIME INVESTMENT. The camera not only helps you improve upon your work but it speaks a lot to your patients about the amount of perfection you wish to attain in your duty towards them … it speaks about your passion to achieve excellence in dentistry.

This gets largely reflected in your business and you shall see an exponential increase in your profits every year.

I sincerely hope that I can deliver the best to my dental friends in the form of encouragement and appropriate training to achieve the zenith in dentistry and dental photography.”

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